About Us

About Us

A Pharma Marketing company founded and established in 2016 by Mr. Rakesh, Chairman & Managing Director, a person with extensive experience in pharma sales and marketing, production and finance. Needless to mention that within a very short duration, the organisation is making waves across the pharma industry with an impact which is not difficult to notice. Within a short span of time, company has made its presence not only in Delhi but whole of NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Bombay.

It all started with the burning desire to help the fellow brethren of our motherland with quality products, they can trust, at the same time it is affordable to the masses. The organization has entered the highly competitive field of pharma. In our business philosophy, we constantly inspire our people to innovate, excel and set new benchmarks.

Why Choose Us

Our multicultural workforce, gives us the strength to make quality healthcare accessible to people. Today the desire stands transformed into reality and we have established ourselves as the leading marketing entity We are backed by untiring efforts to maintain continuity of highest standards in quality manufacturing.


Goals and Target:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business
  • To enable people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives.
  • Doubling up of field staff and at least grow ten times in terms of turnover.
  • Adding at least forty more brands which cut across all segments of medicines.

The company envisions its marketing team as one of the best and handsomely paid personnel. Our believe is that people associated with Shreshtha Medicines should progress very fast in both financial and technical capacities.

The company desires to venture into making of quality and at the same time cost-efficient product range with the wider view of our nation targeting at least the northern Indian Territory.

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